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Turning great research into successful projects.

Cloud City Digital plans and builds rich, beautiful, and functional projects on the internet.

Our Process

Research Your Needs

For every hour we spend designing the visual look and feel your project, we spend considerable time working to understand your business needs. We want to learn your language, your customers; we want to help you build for the present while planning for the future.

Explore Solutions

We treat each project as a unique opportunity to build the perfect project, based on your goals and your budget. Our primary focus is on building amazing websites, but we can also help you launch email campaigns, advertise with Google AdWords, and craft a social media strategy for your organization.

Build a Plan

Once we have decided how to proceed, we will build a project plan detailing a budget and a rough timeline, culminating in a final product “launch date”. You’ll see exactly what you can expect from us, and when you can expect it.


The recipe and ingredients are in front of us, time to cook! Programmers, project planners, designers, videographers, photographers, and copywriters, all gather in the kitchen of creativity to prepare a feast of epic proportions! Don’t worry, you’ll get to taste along the way.

Refine Prototypes

Nobody gets it perfect on their first try, once we have built the core of your project, we’ll meet again to discuss those details that will take the project to the next level. And because you’ll have constant input throughout the creative process, the only surprises at the end of the day will be good ones.

Deliver Project

It’s our time to shine as we hand over the keys to your new creation. By this time, we will have fallen in love with it, but it’s time to let it out into the world! There is information to be shared, money to be made, communities to be built!

Train & Support

Depending on the scope of your project, you may want us to visit your organization to formally present the project and deliver any necessary training. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn technobabble in to plain speech, something you staff will appreciate!

Maintain & Improve

Rest and relax? Never! After your project has lived in the wild for some time, we’ll revisit our old friend to see how it’s doing. We’ll look at what is working, and what needs tweaked a little bit. Then we’ll work with you to find the next big challenge in your world and we start the whole process over!

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Samples of Successful Projects


DiGeronimo Companies


Coding of Photoshop file into xHTML/CSS


We teamed up with Minch Design to implement this project, building out Craig Minch’s design into xHTML/CSS for this very ‘earthy’ site.


Bowling Green Christian Academy


Brainstorming / Project planning / Prototyping


Our challenge was to build a dynamic, teacher driven site that could be easily updated and would grow with the needs of the school.




Coding of Photoshop file into xHTML/CSS


Another collaboration between Minch Design and Cloud City Digital, this project consisted of a redesign of ToolingU’s online testing system and bookstore.


The University of Michigan


Custom Content Management System / Training


We were invited to share a prototype of a hall portal system that we have been developing, in addition we participated in a discussion about community building and the role of emerging technology on campus.

What we do

Web Development

Plan and Build No medium in recent history has done more to change the way we communicate, conduct business, and share information than the Internet. Cloud City Digital has been building the kind of sites that make the Internet so powerful for over ten years.

From basic sites that serve as a digital brochure for your organization – to full fledged content management systems that allow you to update your own content through a web browser (no web design skills needed); we can help you meet your goals online. Learn more about our process by clicking the tabs in the top left of the page.

eLearning and Online Training

Teach and Test Cloud City Digital has recently launched a sister company called CraftClarity to focus on the growing need for eLearning (also called online or computer-based training) as organizations seek to train employees in a consistent, cost-effective manner.

Please visit to learn more about how eLearning can help you manage costs and deliver vibrant, interactive training materials to your employees.

Social media and email campaigns

Teach and Test It can be difficult sorting out the hyped from the helpful when it comes to technologies with the "social media" label. We pair practical know-how with an innovative approach to building community to help design a strategy for building your brand online, while engaging both current and potential customers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, and YouTube.

Branded email campaigns are a great way to connect with your customers and clients. We design branded custom templates for our clients, and work with them develop a plan for creating compelling content that increases both sales and visibility.